Monday, November 08, 2010

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!

Why, lookie here.

It's my Hofner "Beatle Bass!"

As a bassist and an official Beatlemaniac it only stands to reason that this would be my most sought-after instrument.

As a teen, I took a book out of the library one day and started to teach myself how to play chords on my sister's low-budget acoustic guitar. It was a hand-me-down HEIT DELUXE with nylon strings. Rock and roll!!!

After glomming on to a $30 used Silvertone electric, I eventually set my sights on getting a bass guitar.

I ended up with a used $30 "ZIM GAR" fender precision knock off. It was actually a very decent instrument. That is, until I broke one of the volume pots. ARGH!

Of course, a violin-shaped BEATLE BASS remained my target.

I went through a couple copies, first.

There was a "KLIRA" version that played not so good.

Then I scored a "VOX" bass that was really good. Buts, still, it wasn't a real Hofner.

The local music shop, Kenmore Music, decided to change its name and become "The Power Supply." Their new emphasis would be on audio system rentals and sales. (I had bought my first Silvertone guitar there, for what it's worth.)

During the transition period, they were getting rid of those pesky ol' musical instruments that had been lying around.

And what to my wondering eyes did appear but a vintage Hofner Beatle bass hanging on the close out wall!

By this time, I had graduated college and actually had some discretionary income to spend.

I bought it (in a heartbeat!) and I still have it to this day, thirty-two years later.

Yeah, yeah, yeah!


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