Sunday, July 18, 2010

Wishy-Washy Words of Wisdom

I've been reading "Schulz and Peanuts - A Biography" by David Michaelis.

As you might guess it is about cartoonist Charles Schulz.

There is a passage about an early job he had at a printing company that had some resonance for me, and I thought I'd share it here.

But [at] his next job... he noticed something powerful among the people who worked at the hardest jobs in the plant:

"At noon they would all gather down at the end of this room, and they would play pinochle, and eat their lunch. And you could hear them laughing, and having a wonderful time. When one o'clock came, they would go back to working again. These were the people who held everything together. It wasn't the boss and the other partners. It was the workers, with their common sense, who just seemed somehow to know what is right and what is wrong. I think it's what we call the great middle class. There are radicals on both sides, left and right, and the people that do strange things. But there are still people with the common sense that hold everything together." (emphasis added)

Isn't it the "people with the common sense that hold everything together" that we still count on?

Now, what constitutes "common sense" is open to debate, but shouldn't each and every one of us support and strive to be one of those people?

Now, excuse me, but I gotta go see a tree about a kite.

(A post for my brother who was asking recently asking about my world view.)


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