Saturday, August 28, 2010

Let's Play LIMBA!

Here is a prototype for a hot, new game that I hope will soon be sweeping the country.

Since the Tea Party movement currently represents 71% of all people who have ever lived, are currently alive, or are yet to be born, I figured I could cash in on the all-important "Ditto-Head" market.

I've done my market research.

Every extremist, reactionary, right-wing book that is published shoots right to the top of the New York Times' bestseller list, right?

Case in point, Glenn Beck's "The Trapezoid Conundrum" (or whatever the heck it's called!)

But I digress...

"LIMBA" is based on the old "BINGO" or "BEANO" concept.

It is simple and fun to play.

1. Spend three hours of your day, every day, listening to The Rush Limbaugh Show. (So what if he's on between noon and 3:00pm? If your boss is some sort of Alinksy-ite and tries to deprive you of your First Amendment Right to listen to the show, you shouldn't be working for such an America-hating commie in the first place!)

2. Every time you hear one of Rush's hackneyed, well-worn phrases, cross off the corresponding square on your card. (Note that the center square is the traditional "free square." If you don't hear the phrase "MEGA-DITTOS" at least a zillion times in any given show, then your radio is broken.)

3. When you get five squares in a row crossed off, either up-and-down, across or diagonally, you yell "LIMBA!"

Now, chances are you are listening to the show, alone, with the curtains closed, so step number three is really pointless. But that's the dirty little secret that Obama, Reid and Pelosi don't want you to know about!

So, place your orders now, my America-loving friends. 100% of the proceeds left over after meeting production costs (and my own greed is sated) will go to the Wounded Unicorn Foundation.

Or are you a Radical, Marxist, Business-hating, Alinsky-loving, Nazi, Islamist like the non-Supreme-Court-appointed "president" of the United States?

Well, are you!?!?!?


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