Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Then, On Monday...

After reviewing our options, we decided to see if we could get a cash advance from one of our long-neglected credit cards. The thinking here was that we could avoid the whole loan process and then quickly pay off the balance using the proceeds from sale of the van plus some other "revenue streams."

At break time, I made a quick call to the member services department. Pay dirt!

The one card would do a direct transfer to my checking account with a 0.99% interest rate through March of next year. There was also a $60 fee, but that's no biggie. It would take a few days for the funds to transfer, but we could pull the money out of savings immediately, knowing that the cavalry was on the way.

One slight hitch: thanks to the credit card company's security measures, I'd have to do this using my home phone. Again, no biggie. I'd just call after work, as the member services line is staffed 24 hours a day.

Michelle had a good idea: call the woman who was selling the car first, to let her know we had the money ready to go. We could also arrange a time and day to do the transaction.

Car Seller: Hello?

Me: Hi, it's Craig Davison, the fellow who's buying your Crown Victoria.

Car Seller: Oh, yeah, hi.

Me: Well, I have the money all straightened out. Do you suppose we could get together Wednesday evening to swap plates?

Car Seller: Um... did I tell you that this car has a "salvage / rebuilt" title? I know I told everybody else that was looking at the car, but I can't remember if I told you.

Me: Oh, I knew all about that. I saw it on the title.

Car Seller: Oh. Like that can be a problem when you're trying to get a car loan. Are you sure you still want it?

Me: Oh, that'll be no problem. I already have the money. Yes, I still want the car. (Spider sense is tingling...)

Car Seller: Um, well there's someone else who wants to look at the car tonight.

Me: Well, just let them know that the guy who gave you the deposit is buying it. (Spider sense is more than tingling...)

Car Seller: Well, the car is yours, of course, unless someone else makes a better offer...

Me: (Spider sense is roaring off the scale, now!) Uh, no. I gave you the deposit and I have the money for the price we agreed upon.

Car Seller: Oh, yeah. Sure, sure. Um, look, can I call you right back?

Me: (Assumes the position...) OK, I'll be right here.

Car Seller: OK, I'll call you back before 8:00. (It's currently about 6:45.)

Me: Oooo... Kayyyy....

By now I have a very bad feeling as to where this is all headed. Luckily, Michelle had taken Mariel out to the store to pick up a few things. This was good, so I could sit quietly and let my head throb until...