Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Kiss-Off

The throbbing of my temples was soon accompanied by the ringing of the telephone. It was Ms. Lying-Scum calling back to deliver the final thrust.

She started spewing forth the sort of transparent, weak-assed hokum you'd expect from a jonsing crack addict trying to hustle up her next fix.

Here are some bullet points:
  • "My mother sold the car to this other guy!" - Her mother, as previously noted, not only would not talk to anyone on the phone about the car, she gave her daughter the power of attorney to sell it.
  • "Well, he offered us $3,000 and you were only going to pay $2,800." - Hey, there, Mother Theresa, it was your idea to offer the car to me for $2,800! And besides, this isn't eBay; I gave you a deposit to hold the car for me!
  • "Yeah, well when we didn't hear from you by 5:00, we figured you weren't interested." - Um, I gave you the deposit because I was interested. Interested enough to buy the car for the price you quoted. And what's with this 5:00 jazz? I never agreed to some stupid 5:00 deadline.
  • "I couldn't call you because I lost your phone number." - Oh, you mean the phone number that was on the copy of the receipt you signed and retained along with the deposit check?
Me: Well, what about my deposit check?
Scum: Oh, I'll rip it up. We didn't cash it.
Me: (thinking to self) Yet.

Scum: Or do you want me to send it to you?

Me: Yes. Send it to me. Here's my address - [Gives address to Lying Scum Person]

Scum: Oh, yes, it's right here on the check! (Nice touch, It almost sounds like she hasn't cashed the check yet, doesn't it?) I'll mail it to you tonight.

Will I get the check back? I don't know. All I do know is that a person who is a big, fat liar told me she would mail it to me. It doesn't sound promising. I'll check with the bank to see what my "stop payment" options are.

As folks in the comments section have said, this obviously isn't the car I was meant to own. As of this morning, it's still listed as being for sale in the newspaper. Maybe they have a scam going where they take deposits and then don't sell the car. Who knows?

In the mean time, I'm still in the market for an automobile.