Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Nothing Special

Sometimes I'll grab a sheet of paper and just doodle on it for a week or so. Here is such a sheet from this past week. Nothing special.

Mariel is working herself into the Kindergarten groove. I realize I'm an old fogey, but, gosh, I don't remember having homework in Kindergarten!

Getting the li'l one to do it is a new challenge. Both Mommy and Daddy have had their patience pushed to the max, let me tell you.

Mariel is very good with the alphabet and numbers, but she now has to learn how to actually print and she is finding it frustrating.

For instance, if you ask her how to spell her name she'll reply, "M-a-r-i-e-l" with no hesitation. But if you ask her to write it out, you get a heretofore unknown set of other-worldly lines and circles.

She's frustrated, but we know she'll soon "get it."

On the unemployment front...

1. The first two unemployment insurance payments have been received! I got a check in the mail last week and this week's check went in the bank via direct deposit. I'm also getting some sort of $25-a-week supplemental check. Fine.

2. I have a job interview today at 3:00. There is a 14 screen theater complex opening nearby and I put in an application as either a projectionist or a manager. I hyped on my 30 year history of 16mm film collecting and QC Management to get my foot in the door. I have no expectations of either high pay or show-business glamor, but at least I can get in some interviewing practice.

TTFN, folks!

NOTE: this posting received well over 40 gibberish spambot comments, so I have deleted ALL comments and closed this function.

Yeah, big deal...