Sunday, July 11, 2021

Fantasy Project? Part 2

 I spent a few hours with my pal, Bill, cutting up some plywood he donated to the effort.

He managed to make the basic box, using corner clamps, drywall screws and corner clamps.

Don't have a photo of it just yet

We also cut the baffle board, onto which the six speakers swill be mounted. The six 5-1/2" holes need to cut, but this will be the layout:

Vintage 1964 Oaktron 6" speakers

The DC resistance of the coils are 6 ohms each. With three wired in series and each series set wired in parallel I should end up with a 9 ohm load, which should be close enough to the traditional 8 ohms speaker cabinet most amps require.

(Of course by "we" I mean my friend, Bill.)


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