Wednesday, January 19, 2011

So, How's It Going?

Well, here it is January 19, 2011 and my last full day of work at the dish rack factory was December 17, 2010.

Yep, we were sent home for a two-week lay-off with orders to report back on Monday, January third.

On that fateful day, I arrived at the plant, but there was little noise coming from the shop floor. No machinery was running.

Uh oh.

Turns out the plant's air compressor went down and would not come back to life. That is a bad thing, because without our compressed air service virtually nothing in the plant can run.

We employees went about doing as much productive manual labor as possible, but by the 9:20am break all the hourlies had been sent home. I lingered for a couple more hours to work on a customer issue but was also off the clock by lunch time at 11:30.

We were told to report back on Monday, 01/17/11.

Great. Another two-week furlough.

At 4:30am on the seventeenth, my alarm went off.

By 5:30 I was showered, shaved, dressed and pulling out of my driveway for the one hour, 41 mile commute to the plant.

At 6:30 I pulled into the parking lot directly behind the Manufacturing Manager's van. The only other vehicle in the lot belonged to the Vice President of Operations.

"Um, am I even supposed to be here today?" I asked the MM. (CLERKS alert!)

"Well, no," he replied. "I guess I forgot to call you and let you know the compressor's still down."

Bottom line: The VP had me work some more on that customer issue and then sent me back home by 10:15am.

The last word was that I should wait for a call as to when we might be resuming normal operations.

Thank goodness for my unemployment benefits stipend and for Mariel's eligibility for the NC health plan!

Also, thank goodness for the Lakedale Church of God's food pantry outreach!

A co-worker told me about it last month and I was finally able to get out there this morning.

There, I met Pastor Rich who had me fill out a simple one-sheet document about why I was seeking their assistance. I gave my on-going lay-off situation as my reason.

In return, I received the three bags of foodstuffs pictured at the top of this post.

And, as a bonus, since I had a child living at home we were eligible for the meat package upgrade! Here's a break down of the vittles:

8-1/2 lbs. frozen Tyson split chicken breasts
2 lbs frozen steak
2 lbs frozen Jennie-O turkey and gravy
2 boxes of Special K cereal
1 box Quaker Oatmeal Squares cereal
3 cans of Tuna
2 cans of chicken and dumplings
2 cans of beef stew
2 cans of corned beef hash
2 cans of mixed vegetables
2 cans of field peas with snaps
2 boxes of mac & cheese
1 jar of peanut butter
1 box of spaghetti
1 box of cereal bars

Thanks to Pastor Rich, his congregation, the pantry volunteers and donors! We Davisons are truly appreciative of this bounty.

And, with any luck, I'll be back to work by next month...


Blogger uomo weenie said...

food pantry can be a life saver

February 21, 2011 1:55 PM  
Blogger Craig D said...

You got that right, uomo!

In fact, since this visit to the one food pantry on 01/19/11, we've hade two more hauls from two other pantries:

1. Hope House/Alms House. We've been approved for one visit every 6 months. Lots of canned goods and even a small bag of toiletries!

2. Angle Food Ministries. Some friends of ours knew of an "underused" food ministry, thanks to their neighbor. Saturday saw some more canned goods, plus Meats and even some frozen soup!

We're still running below sea level, but this is some welcome relief on the ol' grocery bill!

(I should mention that I worked all week last week and am back at work, again, Monday morning, 02/21/11. If I work the full week, this will be the first two week run since the beginning of December! Yep - in a 12 week span I've been laid off eight weeks. Work one, off two?)

February 21, 2011 2:13 PM  
Anonymous quovadis weenieman said...

we've been there - i hope you recover soon...we still use angel food, church pantry raids, the kindnest of church folks and family -it's tough man

the time i was out of work i had my wife's family living with us as refugees from katrina - i lost some more hair but we made it thru o.k.

i'll say a prayer for ya

February 21, 2011 3:20 PM  
Anonymous Wizened Wizard said...

Hey Craig -

Well, I wish things were a little better at your end of the woods.

I can't find an email address for you, and I want to send an album cover photo... Maybe this will work:!/photo.php?fbid=127181770670083&set=a.127181757336751.40875.100001347830803&theater And hopefully it will brighten your day!

May life improve for you and yours.
I've been far from Bloggerville, but I remember you fondly.


February 25, 2011 8:43 AM  

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