Thursday, October 05, 2006

Nor' Easters Volume 2

This is a CD-R comp put together by forums member "Eargasm!" that collects 27 tracks from various 1960s garage bands into one neat pile. I made a jewel case insert for it and have posted it, above. Here's the track listing:

1. The Girl Can't Help It - The Rockin' Ramrods
2. I Can't Prove It - The Insane
3. Stacy - Hangmen Of Fairfield County
4. Junction #1 - The Nightrockers
5. Natures Children - The Kidds
6. Wondering Why - The Royal Aircoach
7. Search Your Soul - The Shadows Of Time
8. Don't Bring Me Down - The Darkest Our
9. Hungry Monday - The Deadbeats
10. It Doesn't Matter - The Mystic Five
11. I Won't Come Back - Head and The Hares
12. Love Fades Away - The Eastern Alliance
13. To Wander - The Plagues
14. Sittin' In A Railway Station - Cory and The Knights
15. Love Does It's Harm - The Mojos
16. Find A Way - The Fifth Edition
17. I Don't Want Your Love - Dickie and The Ebb Tides
18. Comin' Or Goin' - Motts Men
19. The Day That She'll Go - The Citations
20. Where Is Love - The Shyres
21. Things You Do- The Morning After
22. Since She's Been Gone - The Young Alley Cats
23. You Have Changed - The Van Goghs
24. Someone Like You - The Insane
25. She Works All Night - The Countdowns
26. I'm Begging You - The Shadows Four
27. She Lied - The Rockin' Ramrods

Tinkerer that I am, I ended up ripping these tracks into wav files and then playing around with them to reduce pops and clicks where I could. With the exception of track #14, everything was in mono. However, the mono tracks were recorded in stereo, so I chose the channel that had the better sound (as far as scratchiness, surface noise, etc.) and then re-configured it into a mono file. In a couple of cases, I used a de-popper program and in a couple instances I simply edited out the worst clicks. Then I re-burned the whole mess back to disc.

Why? Because I could, I suppose...


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