Monday, April 03, 2006

Friends, continued...

I think I've heard it said that you make all the friends you're ever going to make by the time you've hit thirty. That truism seems pretty much on-target.

Back in the 80's I used to hang out with a loosely-defined group of "film nuts" (as my non-film-nut-pal, Bernie christened them). We'd hang out at each others' houses running 16mm prints, swappin' films and stories. There was also a more established group called The Western New York Pop Culture Society that met once a month at the Erie County Historical Society. You guessed it, more films & more jawin' in the parking lot.

Families, life circumstances and a move out of state has put an end to these particular activities. No more film nuts. No more house calls. No more Sunday dinners.

Sure, we're active in our church here. And we've made acquaintances. But that easy camaraderie, those "Why don't you come on over?" sort of elements are missing.

E-Mail and Internet Message Boards are such poor substitutes for these things.

But who knows, maybe one of the old film nuts'll yet stop by?


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