Thursday, March 30, 2006

I Pod, You Pod, We All Pod for IPOD!

Musings from someone who doesn't own an IPOD...

1. I look through the Best Buy and Circuit City ads every Sunday morning and it seems as if a whole industry has sprung up around Apple's IPOD device. There are a variety of docking stations, play-through-your-car-stereo gizmsos, play-through-your-home-stereo whatzits, play-through-your cell phone widgets, tea cosies, harnesses, thongs, whips, whatever. These Best Buy inserts must be like pronography for those hard-core IPOD junkies out there.

2. Wasn't the RIAA on a lawsuit spree taking pre-teens to court for downloading mp3s? Wasn't downloading supposed to be crippling all forms of media (music sales, radio, tv, movies) as we know them to be? Why, then, is everybody tripping over themselves congratulating the Apple guys for inventing this tremendous, revolutionary device? Or maybe it's just the trial lawyers who are so giddy about it? Peer-to-Peer file sharing = Evil; Listening to files on an IPOD = Nobel Peace Prize.

3. A friend of mine just got one of those dealies that allow you to listen to your IPOD through your car stereo system. Now, this is a guy whose car already had an AM/FM/CD deck from the factory. He added a Sattelite Radio receiver. So now, rather than use any of those options, he's going to listen to mp3 files while he's in the car?

Does this make me an mp3-player-hater?

Well, who knows? Maybe some Father's Day in the distant future, I'll get an IPOD as a gift and then I'll wonder how I ever lived without one...


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