Tuesday, March 08, 2011

KA-BOOM (Part 2)

Did I mention something about stuff blowing up in my face?

We had a little meeting yesterday afternoon at the ye olde dishracke factory.

Seems that the "parent company" decided that operating three factories at a loss is bad business (duh) and that operating only two factories at a loss would be less bad.

Which factory to close?

Which one?

"Miss Hathaway, get in here!"

"What is it, chief?"

"Find out where that Davison guy works!"

"Why, whatever for, chief?"

"Because that's the plant we'll close! Mwah ha haaaaaah!"


The dishracks we manufacture are soon going to be made elsewhere.

As soon as we build up enough inventory, the machinery will be yanked out of this plant and sent to one of our sister divisions.

This probably explains the four-week streak of actual manufacturing activity this past month.

Things do not look promising for yours truly, right now.

More to come..?