Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I finally got the chance to see a movie called "Fireproof."

I've wanted to see this one since it came out back in 2008, but going out to the movies have ceased being an option since our daughter was born back in 2003. Aren't DVDs wonderful?

If I had to write a single-line poster blurb it might be:

"At Long Last - A Chick Flick For Guys!"

But, as with all sound-bite reviews, it really doesn't tell the whole story.

The film centers on Caleb and Catherine Holt, a DINK couple who have been married seven years, but are ramping up into divorce territory. Caleb's frustrations, blind spots and pain will probably ring true to every married man, as they did for me.

After one all-to-familiar-sounding blow up with his wife it finally appears that the rift between them has finally become irreparable. She want out and he wants peace.

As the chief of the local fire company, Caleb can't figure out why he can get respect everywhere but in his own home.

His Dad asks him to hold off on pursuing a divorce for forty days and challenges Caleb to work his way through a "Marriage Dare" program.

As Johnny Carson used to say, "If they buy the premise, they'll buy the bit."

As a Christian, I bought the premise, so I really was blown away by how the movie played out while Caleb snaps out of his stupor and learns about God's plan for what marriage is.

This modest movie is part of a "film ministry" run by the Sherwood Baptist Church of Albany, Georgia. My understanding is, that with the exception of Kirk Cameron, all the other actors are from the congregation. And, boy, do they do an amazing job!

All aspects of the film have a patina of professional polish and the story is laid out with great aplomb.

Are you married?

Were you once married?

Do you want to one day be married?

Check it out, says I.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Looky-Loo, I'm Fifty-Two!

Happy Birthday To Me

As Tenesee Ernie Ford once pointed out, "Another year older and deeper in debt."

The world keeps spinning, but it hasn't flung me off.


Now, did that groundhog see his shadow or not?