Monday, January 22, 2007


I... I can't help myself. Here's another entry about those budget records from the 'sixties!

Here are two LPs of HIT RECORDS 45s that were compiled into a couple of "themed" albums. Part of my theory about this company's disdain for The Beatles (and other British acts) is based on the following observation. One LP is called "THAT ENGLISH SOUND" and features the goofiest illustration of a rock band ever! The alcoholic, I mean "artist", really went out of his way to make this imaginary band look like they should've been called "The Liverpool Froot-Loopers!"

Now, compare that to this LP by "The Jalopy Five" (yes, they used this name for one of their on-going fictious bands) called "I Love That West Coast Sound!" Notice the subtle difference in the LP titles. I kinda get the feeling they secretly wanted to call the other one "THAT @#$%ING ENGLISH SOUND!"

Still not convinced? Look at the photo of these ersatz mop-tops on the front of their "From Britain With Beat" album! These guys seem to be saying, "Hey lookit me! I'm one o' them thar Long-Haired Limey Sissyboys! Hee-Yuk!" (See detail, below)

Whew! I point this stuff out with great affection because, as I said, I really like these records! I might just cook up a post about the Phoney Baloney Beatles records that other budget labels have released...

You've been warned!



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I see a clear bias.

January 22, 2007 10:41 PM  

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